Autor: Francheska Camilo González
Fecha de publicación en la web: Diciembre 25, 2012


Ethnobotany is the science that studies the relationship between the people and the botany throughout history. This science is known for researching and studying the knowledge that ethnic groups, societies and all the cultures around the world have about the properties and the use of plants in their daily lives. It examines the relationship humanity - plant, analizing the combination of ecological, botanical and anthropological, establishing this like a source of valuable information for Agriculture and Medicine.

The ecology, conservation and protection or the use of plants are understood from the various practical approaches of ethnobotany sciences. Ethnobotany Research helps recognize those plant species endangered to provide adequate protection. The ethnobotanical research is necessary as it helps to gather information about vegetative properties of endangered cultures and promotes the domestication of new plants that are useful, keeping those plants that have a genetic plasma that is economically promising.

Ethnobotany is a scientific discipline that is used to study and interpret the history of plants and their relation to past and present societies. From the information collection on knowledge and use applied to different vegetative species by all societies and scientific research can be found the properties of plants, to establish a useful and beneficial source for agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry. We conclude that ethnobotany is the study of traditional plants whose purpose is to discover and provide information on the usefulness of botany in the various fields of human beings.

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